Graphic Design


2010 – present

Logo, brand strategy and branded marketing assets share the same visual storytelling elements of comics and illustrated stories. To Ryan, they are very similar.

Brands are huge personalities that communicate largely through more passive or limited channels such as print, web, interior decoration and tone of voice in their copywriting. This elevates the importance of logos and branded, consistent sets of graphic elements, especially in the content rich world in which we operate.

These works include logos for businesses, brand style guides for which Ryan contributed and compiled the strategy, brand direction and assets and a few album covers.

As a cartoonist I convey emotions and stories through simple lines and strokes. I use elements of visual language such as arrows and motion lines to convey on a 2 dimensional plane a story that happens in time and space and is rooted strongly in setting. Logos and branded graphic design are very similar. A logo is a character with which we relate, it permeates much of our lives and is the conductor for our strong emotions that we have about their brand. As people read a two dimensional printed page or flier, their experience with that piece can be crafted and controlled in subtle ways that tell an accurate and calculated story about that brand that exists “between the lines” of the content.

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