Miki Vizner, Arlin Ladue & Ryan


Kancamangus Highway, New Hampshire

2012, Just for fun

Ryan and Miki ride 9 miles down the scenic Kancamangus highway while the Volvo is converted to a vintage camera dolly.

Movie magic isn’t always expensive special effects and CG. Arlin Ladue (arlin.com) shot a beautiful video of Miki Vizner and myself longboarding the scenic Kancamangus highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I promise, we don’t look that sleek boarding in real life.

This was really just a fun project to fill a Saturday. I had boarded the Kanc once before, and it really is a longboarder’s dream. Near the highest point, and heading West towards the town of Lincoln, you can board for around 11 miles, which translates into about 50 minutes on top of a board, without having to kick or walk uphill. Combine that with a Saturday or Sunday morning around 7 am and you get open roads just calling for some “destination longboarding”.

I’m riding a Beartooth Longboard with Randall 180 trucks, and Miki rides a LandYacht. The Beartooth is the first production model, designed and built by my old roommate, Ryan Hofsteter and his brother Lorne. Check out the Beartooth website here (www.beartoothlongboards.com). The board is designed to ride like a snowboard, with a wide base for controlled and powerful carving, engineered durability, an incredibly grippy deck (a result of the shape and the surface) and classy looks, nothing better for cruising the hills of NH.

The video was shot in a full day on the Kanc to the East and West of Lincoln. We picked up 4 throughikers at the top on the way back, and even made it to North Woodstock in time for the White Mountain Motor Speedway minor league stock car racing that is held every Saturday night (HIGHLY recommended). All in all, a day full of speed, relaxing, good mountains and friendly people.

click the link below to watch the movie (apologies for the low web quality!)

longboard the kanc_web

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