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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

For merchandise:

These shipments are managed from a remote warehouse. Working directly with the fulfillment service is the quickest way to resolve a shipping issue.

For art prints:

Lift Lines prints and paper prints are all printed locally. These have longer lead times and I appreciate your patience. If you need something by a certian date, please let me know. Printing locally allows me to ensure quality and to sign my work.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you have an issue, please contact me first, as there may be local inventory that I can exchange with you. It's always worth an ask, especially if we're thinking about reducing a carbon footprint. I'll always work to make it right.

I appreciate your patience in resolving issues. Producing and distributing my artwork is a passion, but not something to which I can dedicate full working days. 

Thanks for supporting local artists!

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